"3D Holograms meet Captivate's puzzle design in this stunning new Escape Room for 2024"

"You fall asleep on the riverbank and plunge into PuzzleLand. The Red Queen is angry and wants everything painted red. "Off with Your Head!" she screams. The White Rabbit will help you escape back to reality if you find his pocket watch. Don't lose your head in your amazing race against time."

Recommended for 4 to 12 people
Escaped without Hints: New Room
Escaped with Hints: New Room

"Great room! Everyone in Singapore should know about Captivate Escape Rooms."

World of Escapes Reviews

"You need to think like a criminal to steal the prison cell keys. Do you have what it takes to escape from Changi Prison before the Warden returns?"

Recommended for 2-10

Escaped without Hints: 52%

Escape with Hints: 88%

"Captivate Escape Room's reputation for creative puzzle design meets fun technology in this breathtaking Escape Room." Review the Room

"The wife of an international hitman is found dead. He cannot remember the day she was killed but he is certain he will remember the day he gets his revenge." 

Recommended for 2-10

Escaped without Hints: 53% 

Escape with Hints: 89% 


"New generation props and unique puzzles woven elegantly into this fantastic escape story."  World of Escapes


A wizard has an extraordinary array of magical creatures. Arriving in Singapore, he misplaced his magical case, and his collection escaped. Can you find the creatures before they cause havoc?

Recommended for 4-10

Escaped without Hints: 55% 

Escaped with Hints: 93%




​(Harry Potter inspired) 


"It is the puzzles themselves that make the room worth playing. There’s a good mix of puzzle types and difficulty levels, with surprises in store — delivered by puzzle-solving rather than room technology" Escaping.SG 

"The murder of a Belgium detective in Singapore has captured the world’s attention. Mysterious murders on railway stations are normally limited to novels or movies. Especially those with devious clues left by an evil killer.
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Recommended for 2-8

Escaped without Hints 53% 

Escape with Hints: 93%


"Somehow Captivate escape rooms just attract me. I like the puzzles although I'm bad at solving them. I have played a few rooms at Captivate and will definitely be back for more!" Bookeo Review 

"You escaped from the witch's hut in the woods but then you realised you have left your phone behind! Why would anyone go back? Will you?"

Recommended for 4-10

Escaped without Hints: 58%

Escaped with Hints: 95%


'What made the room memorable were some brilliant moments of realisation." 


"You work for the Singapore Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) squad and you rush to the travelling circus to help the police investigate an unusual death. The smallest man in the world is dead. You and your team must examine the clues and solve the mystery."

Recommended for 2 to 10 people

This room has CLOWNS

Escaped without Hints 55%
Escaped with hints 90%​

"Amazing clues and yet not easy to solve. Made us use a lot of our brain cells. We had a lot of fun trying to solve and escape"

Bookeo Review

"Help Wednesday Addams investigate the woeful murders at Singapore's Nevermore Academy."

Recommended for 4 to 10 people
Escaped without Hints 60%
Escaped with hints 98%


(Opening 1st July 2024)