I organised an event for 9-year-olds and their parents, and the staff took us around to make sure the rooms were appropriate (horror-wise) for our group. They also offered to modify the games to make it a little simpler for them (though it turned out the kids were really creative). Both children and adults enjoyed it greatly and I'd highly recommend all the rooms :)   TripAdvisor.sg

Great Indoor Activity for All Ages - We celebrated my daughters birthday here. We all had a great time. Challenging and fun. Staff helpful and friendly. Highly recommended.​ TripAdvisor.sg


Unique party VENUE

Would you like to hold a memorable birthday party at Captivate Escape Rooms? ​Ages range from 8 years and upwards. Please note that if the children are all under 12 we require an enthusiastic adult to be in the room with the group.

Please call 6837 0870 between 11am and 5pm if you have questions


Please ensure everyone knows the venue location and arrives 10 minutes early as unfortunately we cannot extend the party beyond the scheduled end time due to the need to reset the escape rooms for subsequent customer events.​

"It was personalised (they can hide gifts on your behalf), they are friendly, professional, child friendly and everyone just had fun.

Definitely a place to go back again and revisit! We had a blast, thank you well worth every moment. ​Highly recommended." ​TripAdvisor.sg​​