2022 is an important year for your child as they are sitting for their PSLE exams. And as you know the 2021 Maths paper was particularly difficult.

Equally, school and enrichment classes whilst important don't allow your kids to have fun whilst they learn. 

Now there is a solution CreatEscape: a PSLE Maths Escape Room : Fun + Learning 

We offer world class 3D maths exam training over the web so there is no need to transport your kids to yet more classes and they can do the training whenever suits you and them.

CreatEscape is 100% aligned to Singapore MOE exams and provides fun, hands-on Escape Room based edutainment.

CreatEscape's world class 3D training is over the web. All you need is a laptop or PC running chrome and a mouse.

Sign up to CreatEscape PSLE Maths questions to prepare your child to maximise their potential through to PSLE and have fun too​. The fee is S$ 398 for 9 topics. To sign up for weekly sessions please complete the form below (payment is via PayNow: Admiral Associates Pte Ltd).

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